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"... after the Qi Gong treatment session, I feel as if I have a new body, a light body, flying in the sky, ready to overcome mountains." - John Lau

In 2002, Yao Wah Chan started teaching Tai Chi to residents in Hart’s Brook Park. In 2005, Jian-Yang Rong started offering Qi Gong classes to complement the Tai Chi classes. Over the years, our students have found the Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes to be very helpful for their health, stress reduction, concentration and balance. Today, Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes are part of the Town of Greenburgh’s Recreation Programs and held on Saturday mornings at 8:30 am in the Multipurpose Center in Anthony F. Veteran Park. Saturdays have become an important day for Westchester residents to rejuvenate their minds, bodies and spirits.
Our program has been profiled in major publications: in the April, 2011 issue of Westchester Health & Life Magazine and in the Scarsdale Inquirer in September, 2008.

Please see the offerings page for our latest offerings, and browse the website to learn more about the programs. Simply show up to a class to experience the Qi, and please call or email if you have any questions.

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Learn Qi Gong exercises and Tai Chi movements in a friendly and beautiful environment. Experience the slow and gentle movements with the Healing Power of Qi Gong and/or Tai Chi. Both Qi Gong and Tai Chi programs are excellent for beginners and advanced students.>> Learn more


Many physical and mental problems are caused by energy imbalance and blockages. Qigong therapy is to remove blockages, balance, and circulate energy in the body. Experience a gentle yet powerful Qigong healing session which is good for all ages and all different levels of health.>> Learn more


Private lessons offer personal attention to meet each individuals needs and goals. This is especially good for beginners who want to learn at their own pace as well as experienced people who wish to accelerate their progress and enhance their skills.>> Learn more

Jian with students in the Hart’s Brook Park.

Qi Gong exercise with Jian Yang Rong.

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Qi Gong/Tai Chi Classes
Anthony F. Veteran Park
Multipurpose Building
11 Olympic Lane, Ardsley, NY 10502
Qi Gong: Saturdays 8:30-9:30 am
Tai Chi: Saturdays 9:30-10:30 am
Oct. 17, 2020 - Nov. 21, 2020
Feb 15, 2020 - April 4, 2020
Qi Gong: Thursdays 8:30-9:30 am
Jan. 2, 2020 - Feb. 20, 2020

Advanced Tai Chi Class
270 Ardsley Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
Time:9:30 to 11:30 am every Monday
Contact Us
Phone: (914)297-8389 or
Email: jianyangrong@gmail.com
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